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Creating Your Customer Care Dream Team

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When you think of the greatest teams of all time, which teams come to mind? The '95-'96 Chicago Bulls? The Avengers? The Magnificent Seven? The Tune Squad?

These teams, like any elite team, combine collaboration, communication, and dedication to propel themselves into infinite greatness. So, pump up those jams because it's time to conquer your customer care challenge with a winning team! Organizations big and small, across all industries, are refocusing on customer care strategies. Does your customer care strategy take you the distance?

With many PowerPack Add-ons to choose from, learn how to draft a customer care-focused, dream team with the latest information and hot takes from our expert panel.


customer care

Alias: The Standout

Biggest Strengths: Dynamic, Detail-Oriented

PowerSurveryPlus is a star player and an important part of any customer care strategy. Aptly nicknamed The Standout, PowerSurveyPlus is one of the most popular choices and is always in good company, as he works well with other powerful add-ons, like PowerMailChimp and PowerChat. PowerSurveyPlus also comes in clutch at end-of-game scenarios, offering a great platform to capture Customer Satisfaction when a support case is closed. Its versatility makes it a reliable communication tool for contacts, vendors, prospects and more. (Don't take our word for it – check him out in action here!)

Expert Take: PowerSurveyPlus is a critical tool in any customer service organization as it facilitates a closed loop engagement with your customers. They had an issue, you fixed it, and now you want to know how their experience was (or other types of information). Your customer now gets the chance to provide feedback, directly into your Dynamics 365 platform, that can help you shape future customer engagements and deliver a better experience. Additionally, now you can see who the superstars are within your customer service team. Adam Borst, Customer Care Practice Director


customer care

Alias: The Conversationalist
Biggest Strengths: Communicative, Dependable

The key to any team's success is a consistent and effective communication game plan. PowerSMS is that key! Like an old teammate, PowerSMS has the dependability and effortless communication to support any customer care strategy. Engage with customers directly through text messages, such as reminders or confirmations, and track those interactions on their record in Dynamics 365. Workflows can automate text messages to a contact(s) based on certain criteria, and when PowerSMS is integrated with third-party text messaging platforms, you can give your customers the ability to reply, if needed.

Expert Take: Communication is vital! Sending text messages through CRM, and tracking responses is an excellent way to document/engage with your client. Text messages can even be automated to make the functionality that much more convenient! Zach Bridgeman, PowerPack Pro


customer care

Alias: The Visionary
Biggest Strengths: Observant, Insightful

PowerMap may not seem like a top choice, but he is truly a slam dunk for your Customer Care team! PowerMap connects your customer care team to leads, customers and prospects. Leveraging PowerMap, users can map a certain radius, create a marketing list, view heat maps, and send emails or obtain driving directions, based on those results. For example, if you have a customer care representative in a specific area, you can map out clients in a set radius, send an email you're in the area, and meet with those valued contacts. PowerMap will also map directions to non-account related items, like a restaurant or airport, to be included during your trip, and it can be accessed with your mobile device.

Expert Take: PowerMap provides a visual depiction of your records, in a way no other PowerPack does. Not only are you able to view all of the records within a CRM entity on the map, but you are also able to dive into each individual record. Through the visual representation of your records, you are able to seize opportunities that you otherwise may not have noticed were there. -
Maggie Web, PowerPack Pro


customer care

Nickname: The Chatterbox
Biggest Strengths: Customizable, Punctual

This straightforward player has a defined set of skills to round out your Customer Care Dream Team. But don't let her Chatterbox nickname scare you – PowerChat is as talkative as she is brilliant! PowerChat allows live chat with web visitors and creates contacts and leads, and tracks those interactions back in Dynamics 365. Users can even add a timer to the chat window so agents can see how long a customer has waited for a response. Like many PowerPack options, PowerChat is customizable to fit your unique needs. Need multiple agents? PowerChat can handle it! Want customers to rate their experience? PowerChat can handle it! Need an auto-generated script? PowerChat can handle it! PowerChat shoots, she scores!

PowerChat is a player always ready to meet and overcome any challenge you pass her way! (Check out her highlight reel here!)

Expert Take: PowerChat allows you to create cases or even convert visitors to opportunities all from within the chat window. Jacob Sapp, PowerPack Pro


customer care

Alias: The Powerhouse
Biggest Strengths: Charismatic, Analytical, Synergistic

PowerMailChimp has a solid reputation and is often trusted to provide the foundation to a well-rounded customer care team. PowerMailChimp is more than just an effective communicator – this powerhouse can track customer engagement through open and click rates, and swiftly manage your campaigns and templates. Keep customers and prospects engaged by using PMC to send newsletters and promotions. Add a PowerSurveyPlus link and learn which of your customers are engaging, opening links, and more! Powerful communication, analytics, management… PowerMailChimp has it all! Plus, she brings a wealth of knowledge, and has been in the PowerPack business for over six years. Although her loyalty is to this elite squad, PowerMailChimp is known for her successful collaborations with other praised PowerPacks, like PowerSurveyPlus, PowerWebTraffic, PowerWebForm and PowerOneView.

Expert Take: PowerMailChimp is a great solution that allows you to connect your existing Marketing Lists in CRM with your MailChimp account. Send newsletters to your Accounts, Contacts or Leads and track their information from within your CRM. Jacob Sapp, PowerPack Pro

Check out the Player Cards here and propel your organization into the customer experience hall of fame!

Happy Dynamics 365'ing!

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