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Dataverse Boot Camp Series

Duration: days


Dynamics 365 University presents the Dataverse Boot Camp Series. Dataverse was formerly known as Common Data Service (CDS). These four instructor-led courses are designed to support individuals who will be setting up, administrating, and maintaining Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing, Project Operations or custom Power Apps model-driven apps for their organizations. The foundation course introduces model-driven apps terminology and navigation and is also appropriate for power users and subject matter experts. The series builds on this foundation to cover environment settings, the Dataverse security model, creating custom tables and columns in a database, creating, and customizing model-driven apps and building interactive guidance and automated logic. Courses are taught with a sample Dynamics 365 model-driven app and the skills and concepts can be used for any Dynamics 365 or Power Apps model-driven app.

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Boot Camp 100 – Introduction to Model-Driven Apps

Explore Dynamics 365 and Power Apps model-driven apps from an end-user perspective. This course is the cornerstone to understanding how end-users will login/access model-driven apps and work with core records of the underlying Microsoft Dataverse database, while learning important terminology, navigation, and fundamental features of model-driven apps.

Boot Camp 200 – Dataverse Administration and Security

Expand your capacity to administer Dynamics 365 and Power Apps model-driven apps. This continuing course in the Dataverse Boot Camp Series introduces the administrative experience with hands-on practice in the Power Platform Admin Center. This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the components of the Dataverse security model while also covering how to manage user and team records and work with queues. Our course concludes with data management considerations around configuring search functionality, and use of the administrative tools of duplicate detection, import wizard, and auditing.

Boot Camp 300 – Dataverse System Customizer

Become a low code applications master at your organization by exploring the plethora of ways you can customize Dynamics 365 and Power Apps model-driven apps without needing to be a developer! This continuing course in the Dynamics 365 University Dataverse Boot Camp Series gives a comprehensive look at the tools available to administrators and system customizers to build solutions that can leverage the standardized data model of Dataverse and extend it by making custom solutions unique to your organizations processes and requirements.

Boot Camp 400 – Dataverse Processes

The time has come for you to take your rightful place as an automation wizard at your organization by discovering all the ways you can make Dynamics 365 and Power Apps model-driven apps work smarter. This capstone course in the Dynamics 365 University Dataverse Boot Camp Series explores automated and interactive features native to Dataverse that you will use to build out unique processes for your organizational needs. The course provides hands-on practice adding logic and automation to forms with business rules, creating business process flows to help guide your users through a process and leveraging Dataverse workflows and custom actions to automate routine tasks. Dataverse was formerly known as Common Data Service (CDS). Learn how to build efficiencies into your processes to become the hero of Dataverse!


Recommended Prerequisites

Prerequisites are recommendations, and while not required, they are highly advised to ensure a successful learning experience:

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