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Send an Email Notification When Adding a Note to a Case in CRM

Post Author: Joe D365 |

Workflows are a great way for achieving automation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. PowerObjects has published numerous blogs already on various tips and tricks for using workflows in CRM. To add to this, here is a tip to trigger a workflow that sends an email notification when adding a note to a case in CRM.

In implementations where case management is used extensively, there is often a challenge to track and manage notes logged by users to cases. Although using activities is a much better practice to leverage, users often feel using notes is easier just for the sheer fact that it's free text data entry with an auto time stamp. This is one of the user adoption issues that organizations sometimes find a challenge to solve.

A simple workaround from a CRM admin standpoint is to trigger a workflow such as an email notification to the owner of the case whenever a new new note is added to a case. Notes seem to be a selectable entity in workflow, but with the conditional options there, CRM admins may find it difficult to figure out how to specify only when the entity is a case. There is "Regarding(Case)" field that can be used in combination with the "Case Number" field.

The screenshots below show the workflow configuration that can be triggered when a note is added to a case. Bonus tip: make sure to not use "Created On" Contains Data, as it will not trigger the workflow.

Adding a Note to a Case in CRM

Adding a Note to a Case in CRM

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Happy CRM'ing!

By Joe D365
Joe D365 is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 superhero who runs on pure Dynamics adrenaline. As the face of PowerObjects, Joe D365’s mission is to reveal innovative ways to use Dynamics 365 and bring the application to more businesses and organizations around the world.

13 comments on “Send an Email Notification When Adding a Note to a Case in CRM”

  1. thanks for the note, however with this solution means that every note that gets created in the system will fire a workflow just to check if this note is related to a case... I think that you may run into some performance issues...

    1. Hi Jonathan - Correct. If your CRM creates a ton of notes, then this could eventually become a bottle neck. If this is the case, then a plugin would be much more efficient and save resources. However, we use such as system in our internal CRM and so far it has hummed a long well. We are careful to always delete the workflow logs on a weekly basis to keep the tables small. Thanks for the comments!!!

  2. I was wondering is this possible to do with activities? My office is currently moving from a shared drive and BCC email notifications to CRM. All of the account owners are using CRM but the sr. management still wants to see account activity through BCC emails as we communicate with the accounts. I was wondering if CRM is capable of sending email notifications to specific email addresses whenever a new activity is created or an existing activity is updated?

    1. Hi Mike - yes - this is doable via an out of the box workflow. we can run a workflow when any activity is created. For example, a workflow could be created that runs on creation of 'tasks'. If related to accounts of type 'big client', then email sr management and in body of email have all fields from this tasks.

  3. Hello, In my Lead entity, each record has a sales team with 4 or 5 crm users.
    So when a note is added to the Lead, I want to send notification to each Sales team member, Is this possible?

    1. Hi Sameera - This is doable, but you would need a custom workflow plugin. This plugin would simply get all the users that are part of your sales team and add them to a new email message.

  4. if you close a case and it has all the notes log, how we can get this log to be sent to specific agents via email once the ticket is closed? all the notes/log to appear in the body of email.

    1. Hi - you will need a 'plugin' that gets all the notes and consolidates into one big text field. About 8 hrs to write.

  5. Hey which workflow can be used to send an email as a notification to certain people whenever a salesperson makes changes in an opportunity in CRM 2013? So that the manager doesn't have to go to CRM to check for any updates instead he receives a notification as an email.

    1. HI Zahra - This is doable with a workflow that runs on change of the fields that you want to monitor in the opportunity entity. If this is trigered then email a manager or xyz person. Include a url link in the email so the manager can easily open it up in crm. The item that you can't include without custom code is which fields changed and from what value to what value.

  6. Hi Joe,

    I have same type of requirement. Actually in our CRM we want to trigger one email to the owner of the Opportunity when some buddy writes notes on owner of the Opportunity. We also want to CC the email who has written the Notes.

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