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PowerBulkDelete User Guide

What is PowerBulkDelete?

Dynamics 365 orgs will soon start to use the new Common Data Service storage capacity. PowerBulkDelete is a quick way to deploy bulk delete rules for predefined CRM OOB entities from a single page.

As of now, there are some limitations in the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics’ bulk delete. These are as follows.

  • Solution components cannot be deleted
  • Bulk delete jobs cannot be imported or exported
  • Need to be manually created
  • Bulk delete rules cannot be renamed
  • Bulk delete rules cannot be modified
  • Bulk delete rules can only be deleted


Quickly configure and deploy weekly running jobs on the following entities.

  1. Create bulk delete job for Failed and completed workflows, Import Jobs, Trace Files, Emails and Leads
  2. Set the desired number of months, that will be used as rule to identify the records for deletion
  3. Turn on or Turn-Off the jobs using simple toggles
  4. Single click to configure selected jobs in Dynamic 365 environment
  5. The jobs are scheduled to run on weekly interval on Saturday between 1 am to 2 am.

Thank you for your interest in PowerBulkDelete, should you choose to subscribe you will be charged $/enabled CRM user/month. If you have any questions or run into any issues with PowerBulkDelete, our friendly support team is here to help!



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