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PowerObjects Badge FAQs

Course completion badges verify the successful completion of an individual course through Dynamics 365 University.

Earning a course completion badge - Badge FAQs

What is a PowerObjects Course Completion Badge?

PowerObjects offers Course Completion Badges in Microsoft Dynamics 365. These badges verify the successful completion of the content contained within a PowerObjects’ Dynamics 365 University course or courses. These are not Microsoft Certifications for Dynamics 365, which can only be earned through Microsoft.

What's the difference between a Basic Course Completion Badge and a Gold Badge?

Basic Course Completion

Badge Basic course completion badges verify the successful completion of an individual course through Dynamics 365 University.

Gold Badge

Gold Badges verify the successful completion of a series of courses, taken in any order within a two year timeline. Typically, Gold Badges are geared towards role-based knowledge, making them a great professional tool to leverage. Courses are listed in the recommended order on the course completion badge page, but the order does not matter for the purpose of earning a badge.

Are these the same as Microsoft Certifications?

No. PowerObjects offers a separate certification process, geared towards a working knowledge of the product.

Will taking a Dynamics 365 University training prepare me to pass a Microsoft Certification?

Maybe, but that’s not the goal. Dynamics 365 University training is not intended to prepare you to pass a Microsoft Certification. They’re designed to provide individuals with a working knowledge of the product and how to use it in their role.

That said, having knowledge of the product is important to passing a Microsoft exam, and therefore, successful completion of a PowerObjects training might improve the chances of passing. We do not recommend taking this course for the sole purpose of passing a Microsoft exam at a later date. We recommend taking it to improve your professional skills and your ability to work within Dynamics 365.

I completed a Gold Badge - do I need to tell someone to get the digital credential?

No – we automatically track your progress, and we will issue you the appropriate badge once verified!

Does getting my digital credential cost extra money?

No! All of our badges are offered as a part of the registration fee.

Receiving your badge - Badge FAQs

How will I receive my credential?

PowerObjects issues badges through our partner, Accredible. Accredible offers digital credentials which are secure, verifiable, and trustworthy. These digital records are accessible online at anytime. The credentials are emailed to the address listed during registration to the learner — not the billing address.

If your email address should be updated, please notify Dynamics365U@hcl-powerobjects.com prior to your course date. Please include your order number for verification purposes.

When will I receive my credential?

Badges are emailed following successful completion of a course. Please allow 2-4 weeks for the email to arrive. If you haven’t received an email within four weeks, you may contact us.

Does my credential expire?

Yes. PowerObjects badges through Dynamics 365 University are valid for three years from the date of issue.

Will my credential still be view-able after it expires?

Yes! We realize there is still value in knowing an older version, and therefore, you will always be able to view your badge — even after it’s expired. Once it expires, it will change in appearance on Accredible’s hosting site, but all of it’s content will remain visible.

Using your badge - Badge FAQs

What will my badge display?

All credentials will include:

  • Your first and last name;
  • Course title or badge completed;
  • Date the credential was issued;
  • Expiration date;
  • Certificate ID unique to your credential

How can I showcase my accomplishment on LinkedIn, etc.?

There are lots of ways you can use your badges to boost your professional profile:

  • Display your credential on your LinkedIn profile
    • Watch for emailed instructions from Accredible along with your badge.
  • References
    • Ask for references, and have them submit them as attachments to your badge.
  • Tweet, Facebook, and Share
    • Go to your badge page to share your accomplishment on social media with just the click of a button!
  • Share a Link
    • Send a link to your badge to anyone.
  • Print or Save
    • You’ll receive a PDF copy of the credential to use as you please.

For instructions on other ways to use your credentials, check out Accredible’s FAQs.

How can I learn more about how to use my credential?

What does the credential look like? Can I see a sample?