Press Release: PowerObjects Aims to Improve Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Adoption through 2-Day Workshops

PowerObjects, winner of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year award for 2012 and 2013, is now offering 2-day user adoption workshops as part of its ongoing efforts in Dynamics CRM education. The workshops will be held at the PowerObjects headquarters in Minneapolis, Minn., and will focus on providing users with the tools to effectively use and promote a healthy CRM system. The first of the CRM user adoption workshops will take place July 30-31, 2013.

“One of the most effective ways to improve return on investment with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is to take steps to boost user adoption,” says Gretchen Opferkew, Director of Education at PowerObjects. “If administrators and users dedicate some time to understanding the ingredients of CRM success, they can vastly improve user adoption and drive a much better value.”

PowerObjects is currently building out a new training facility at its Minneapolis headquarters, which will include technology that allows participants to attend classes and events remotely. It will be configured to serve as one extra-large training room, or split apart into three smaller training rooms, depending on training needs. The company plans to start hosting the workshops at the new facility by the second 2-day user adoption workshop in October.

“We are heavily investing in Dynamics CRM education right now,” says Jim Sheehan, COO at PowerObjects. “Our new training facilities are a testament to our commitment to offering the best CRM educational opportunities out there. We were hitting a few obstacles in our educational goals just in terms of logistics, but with the new training rooms, we’ll be able to accommodate large groups of trainees without worrying about if we have enough seats.”

The workshops are one of many ways PowerObjects is driving new CRM educational initiatives. Other opportunities include regularly scheduled CRM boot camps, webinars, personalized training, a do-it-yourself “CRM how-to” portal, and an annual CRM conference hosted by PowerObjects. Those interested are invited to learn more about Dynamics CRM education offered by PowerObjects.