Looking for PowerObjects? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! We’ve been part of HCL for several years, and we’ve now taken the final step in our acquisition journey: moving our website to the HCL domain. Nothing else is changing – we are still fanatically focused on Microsoft Business Applications!

Support for PowerPack

Get PowerCalendar support from a PowerPack PRO

PowerObjects has a team of support engineers ready to help! Our PowerPack Pros are passionate about helping trial and subscribed users get the most out of their Add-ons.

While our solutions are designed to be DIY, we know questions may come up and the need for technical support might arise. With that in mind, the PowerPack Pros are here to answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues you may experience. Learn more about our different PowerPack Pro support options.

PowerCare Portal Support

It’s now more important than ever to provide excellent service to increase customer loyalty and retention. With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service from PowerObjects, your organization leverages built-in intelligence that consistently delivers faster, more personalized service to your customers.
We created the PowerPack Portal so that we can provide quick and consistent support to our growing number of PowerPack users. The portal gives you access to our PowerPack Pros, who provide technical support around various components of our always-expanding catalog of Add-ons. Here’s how it works:

When you need help, you simply create a ticket through the easy-to-use portal. Once submitted, the ticket enters our first-come-first-serve queue. When your ticket comes up in the queue, a PowerPack Pro support team member contacts you.

Unlimited access to the PowerCare Portal is included in the cost of the add-on (or as a part of your free 30-day trial).

Here are just a few examples of the types of service available through the PowerPack Portal Support package:

  • General PowerPack questions about functionality, features and billing
  • PowerPack-specific errors
  • PowerPack feature requests/suggestions
Create a PowerPack Portal Account

Pay-by-the-hour Support

For technical assistance on issues and enhancements outside the scope of our PowerPack team, our PowerPack Pros also offer a billable support desk. Billing at a rate of $185/hour, these advanced support engineers can handle just about anything you throw at them.

This option, which does require a fully executed Service Level Agreement, is ideal for users interested in custom functionality not included in the out-of-the-box version of each Add-on.
Create a Service Level Agreement

Here are just a few examples of what’s included in our Pay-by-the-hour Support package:

  • Importing or setting up the PowerPack add-on
  • Training on how to use the PowerPack add-on
  • Issues or errors uninstalling a PowerPack add-on
  • Assistance with configuring or troubleshooting ADFS
  • Troubleshooting or building workflows
  • Environment-specific issues affecting PowerPack performance