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Bust a Move with Data Migration in CRM 2016

Post Author: Joe D365 |

The January update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 has so much to offer! The update introduced cool new features to make a developer's life a lit bit easier. Features include Data Loader, one click document generator, the ability to hide and show sub grids, and many more. In an earlier blog, we showed you how to use the Data Loader feature, but in today's blog, we'll be talking specifically about to access the Data Loader service. So let's dive in!

The Data Loader service is an answer to your data migration scenario hiccups where a user has to rely on third-party solutions or has to write custom code to import/export large volumes of data. Essentially, it's a painless way to handle bulk data loading in to a CRM system.

Bulk data migrations can be imported and exported into CRM systems by using the Data Loader service. The feature enables bulk data to be uploaded to a staging area where you can perform light, data quality functions and then push the data in to your CRM system.

The Data Loader service feature is now supported in Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dynamic CRM 2015 Update 1. Here are a list of some key features:

  • Supports various source file formats
  • Encrypted data loading
  • Supports recurring data imports/exports
  • Supports the retrying of failure records
  • Data mappings are reusable
  • Easy to configure the import of data
  • Reduces use of third-party tool
  • Reduces the need to write custom code
  • Supports the use of data projects in multiple CRM instances

The Data Loader preview is enabled by default for all CRM administrators. Use the following steps to access the service:

1. First, navigate to this link: https://lcs.dynamics.com/DataLoader/Index

2. Click on Sign In and enter your CRM administrator credentials.

3. Upon login, if you see the screen below, you don't have permissions to access the resource.

Bust a Move with Data Migration in CRM 2016

Please note here that only CRM administrators, who are Global or Service administrators in Azure Active Directory, are allowed to access the Data Loader service.

Once you get all of the required permissions, you will be all set to use the Data Loader service and will be able to see the Data Loader's multiple options displayed as shown in the image below.

Bust a Move with Data Migration in CRM 2016

That's all for the blog today! Check out our video on new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 to see our five favorite features!

Until next time, readers, happy CRM'ing!

By Joe D365
Joe D365 is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 superhero who runs on pure Dynamics adrenaline. As the face of PowerObjects, Joe D365’s mission is to reveal innovative ways to use Dynamics 365 and bring the application to more businesses and organizations around the world.

One comment on “Bust a Move with Data Migration in CRM 2016”

  1. "The Data Loader service feature is now supported in Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dynamic CRM 2015 Update 1"

    Are you saying this Now Supports CRM deployed On-Premise and/or in the The Microsoft Cloud by Power Objects.... Or still just CRM online as it has been in preview for?

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