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D365 In Focus - The 3 Tools to Assess Change Readiness

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D365 In Focus - The 3 Tools to Assess Change Readiness

One our certified Change Practitioners, Emily, tells us about three tools PowerObjects uses to assess the readiness of an organization to take on a Dynamics 365 implementation.

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Hi, my name is Emily Anderson and I'm here to ask you, is your organization ready for change? For your Dynamics 365 implementation, a high rate of user adoption is critical to ensure a return on investment. In many cases, training alone is not enough. A good change management strategy may be necessary. PowerObjects change management consultants help you drive user adoption by enabling you to manage the people-side of change. Is your organization ready for the changes to processes and technology? If not, what can we do? Your Dynamics 365 end to end journey is most successful when you understand the health of your organization and the nature of the change before the project begins.

Prosci is one change management method that Power Objects uses. Today, we'll talk about three Prosi tools that assess change readiness, the Project Health Assessment, the Risk Assessment, and the Change Readiness by Group Assessment. First, the Project Health Assessment. The success of a technology implementation relies upon the strength of three areas, your leadership and sponsor who provide direction and guidance, your project team who work with us to design, develop and deliver the system, and your change management team, who drive users to embrace, adopt and actually use Dynamics 365. Before you begin your project, one of our Prosci-certified practitioners can ask you a short list of questions designed to assess the strength and capability of each of those three areas.

Second, the Risk Assessment. Will Dynamics 365 be a small and incremental change for your business? Will it be large and disruptive? Or will it be somewhere in between? There's no right answer here, but knowing this from the start will enable you to be proactive about preparing your people for the changes to their day to day work. In this example, because Dynamics 365 will introduce significant changes to end users, this business would benefit from a strong change management strategy.

Third, the Change Impact by Group Assessment. Some business units in your organization will experience a little bit of change and some will experience a lot. A Prosi-certified practitioner can evaluate this based on how each business unit will be impacted in a number of areas. In these results, each dot represents a different business unit. We can see how the change impacts some business units more than others.

So now what? Suppose you identify some risks when we assess your organization's change readiness. Well, no organization is 100% change-ready so give yourself a pat on the back. You now have an edge on your competition because you understand what to look out for and what to work on as an organization. Also, don't worry. We're here to help. We can help you build the right change management strategy to fit your needs, one that keeps your risks in mind and reinforces your strengths as an organization. So remember, knowledge is power. Contact us today for a Change Readiness Assessment and be on your way to superior Dynamics 365 user adoption. Thanks for watching this Dynamics 365 in focus.

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