Looking for PowerObjects? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! We’ve been part of HCL for several years, and we’ve now taken the final step in our acquisition journey: moving our website to the HCL domain. Nothing else is changing – we are still fanatically focused on Microsoft Business Applications!

Provide an Amazing Customer Experience

Provide an Amazing Customer Experience

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Every day is a new opportunity to make an impact.

Do you ever wonder what kind of impact you make?

Today’s customers are more informed and more connected than ever before. The number of channels that customers use to engage with businesses is increasing and customers are voicing their needs across many different channels – is your organization hearing them?

What if there was a tool available that could improve the experience for your customers?

What if this tool could give your employees the information they need when they need it. Empowering them to be the best brand ambassadors for your business.

Dynamics 365 gives you access to a wide range of work loads, unified together in one platform to give your organization the resources needed to provide an amazing customer experience.

PowerObjects is experienced in delivering tailored customer service solutions that leverage the power of Microsoft products, including Dynamics 365, Unified Service Desk, Power BI, Office 365, and our own PowerPack add-ons.

This gives your organization the ability to offer a true omni channel experience, streamline and automate your businesses’ most common processes, and provide a centralized customer data platform.

Tomorrow is a new day. What will you do?

Your Dynamics 365 journey starts now.

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