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The CRM Boot Camp Experience at PowerObjects

The CRM Boot Camp Experience at PowerObjects

There’s a reason that education is one of the four pillars of CRM success at PowerObjects. Organizations that invest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM education have vastly increased user adoption, which in turn ensures they get the best return on their investment. PowerObjects has created many resources to help users get the most out of CRM, including events, trainings, how-to videos, and workshops.

Find out what its like to experience a CRM Boot Camp at PowerObjects. A CRM Boot Camp is one of the training offerings from CRM University and uses lectures, demonstrations, hands-on labs, and discussions as learning tools to empower you to create the best CRM implementation for your organization.

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Juliana: My name is Juliana Hickey, and I'm a CRM Training Consultant here at PowerObjects. CRM Boot Camp is a class that we offer here at PowerObjects. We talk about basic CRM functionality for end users, as well as customizations. Many kinds of businesses can benefit from a CRM Boot Camp. Going from small businesses to enterprise organizations could have their employees attend a CRM Boot Camp, and walk away with some added value to their CRM system. Regardless of your level of experience, you are going to benefit from a Boot Camp.

Nathan: I'm Nathan Gribowski. I'm the Senior Commercial Analyst with Roehl Transport. We see Microsoft Dynamics CRM bringing value to our organization through the ability to report on data that we have and really develop out our work flows for our opportunities. We were hoping to gain from the training the ability to do some of the system admin components on our own. We've been working through PowerSuccess, which has been really great, but we want to be able to have our system admins really be able to develop out some areas of CRM without having to solely rely on PowerSuccess.

Juliana: Attending a CRM Boot Camp would empower you to communicate better throughout your project, as well as make better and more educated decisions. We start on the first day talking about CRM navigation. Then we start developing the content and getting more complex from there. Eventually by the last day, we're going to be talking about work flows and automated processes in the system without needing a developer level of skill set.

Nathan: Classes are really great because the instructor kind of goes through the information, then does a demo, and then we get to work on labs. It really helps solidify by getting the instruction, and then doing the hands-on component. Training's been really positive, all the way from inside the classroom, all the way to the networking opportunities outside the classroom, and having those discussions and examples from other companies. That was as much a benefit as the actual instructions. Really plan to apply what I've learned here in my role through really developing out additional workflows, business processes, creating maybe additional fields and forms, as well as identifying some other areas that we could implement CRM in our business.

Juliana: The CRM Boot Camp is part of a series of classes that we offer. We call that CRM University. If you take a bunch of classes combined, you can get a CRM certificate. We have three certificates: CRM Trainer, CRM Administrator, as well as CRM Developer.

Nathan: If somebody was thinking about attending, I would say, "Attend right away." I which I would have come sooner, because it's been so great learning the full content and availability of CRM. I just wish I would have had that even earlier. I would say, "Get in here and get trained on CRM."

Juliana: If you're interested in attending a CRM Boot Camp, or any other training, you can go to our website and go the events page where you can see all of the different offerings that we have in the different cities where we offer it.

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