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Extending the Capabilities of SAP with Power Platform

Extending the Capabilities of SAP with Power Platform

As reliable as SAP is as an ERP technology solution, it does have certain limitations – particularly with respect to the cost of customizations and upgrades. Plus, it’s not necessarily capable of handling the full array of end-to-end processes that today’s businesses demand. In this video, we explore how Microsoft Power Platform can be used to extend and accelerate the capabilities of SAP.

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SAP is a reliable platform that organizations – from small businesses to giant global enterprises, and in every imaginable industry – rely on to house data, perform business processes, and function as their ERP foundation. However, it’s also a static tool in that customizations and upgrades are usually expensive, complex, and require IT management. Plus, it’s not necessarily capable of handling the full array of end-to-end processes. In other words, SAP is like any other tool in that it has its strengths – like being the robust and reliable backbone of a business, as well as its share of weaknesses, including inflexibility a lack of communication capabilities. Of course, that’s where Microsoft Power Platform and HCL-PowerObjects come in!

Microsoft’s Power Platform is a set of low-code/no-code applications that empower front-line non-IT employees to automate and digitize processes on their own. You will automate and simplify business processes, interact more intelligently with your data, build conversational interfaces – all within your existing SAP platform.

Consider these benefits when you integrate Microsoft Power Platform with SAP…

• Your client-facing employees have real-time access to customer information housed across multiple systems, enabling them to deliver the faster and more personalized service today’s customers demand.

• Your service engineers can report product issues in an easier, quicker, and more consistent way, improving efficiency and quality KPIs of your service delivery function.

• Backoffice staff who process orders and enter data can quickly and reliably match this information in SAP, improving quality and saving time, effort, and money.

So many possibilities exist when you complement SAP with a wraparound layer of Power Platform engineering. When you extend and accelerate the capabilities of SAP with Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents, you’ll be interacting with your SAP data in innovative, flexible, and adaptable ways. At HCL-PowerObjects, we are digital transformation innovators and early adopters of leveraging Power Platform to support enterprises at scale. We bring a unique value proposition to these engagements by combining broad expertise in SAP, Power Platform, and system integration. Contact us to get started.

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