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Modernizing Technology Infrastructure in Utilities


Modernizing Technology Infrastructure in Utilities

Today’s Utilities companies are facing many challenges – aging infrastructures and rising consumer expectations among the most common. Fortunately, using the right technology eliminates the inefficiencies, high-costs, and safety risks normally associated with addressing them. This video from HCL-PowerObjects explores how modern, connected systems like Dynamics 365 Field Service and Microsoft Power Platform can improve field service efficiencies and save costs.

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The Utilities industry has faced aging infrastructure and rising customer expectations for years. However, most Utilities – whether electric, gas, or water – have not modernized and are thus dealing with outdated solutions, leading to disconnected data, costly processes, and dissatisfied customers.

Modern, connected systems like Dynamics 365 Field Service and the Microsoft Power Platform can improve your field service efficiencies and save costs. Instead of settling for a costly reactive model, why not start solving problems before the issue even reaches your customers? With Microsoft’s Field Service solution leveraging AI and IoT, you’ll enable preventive maintenance and start proactively scheduling and responding to potential issues in the field, reducing unnecessary costs and mitigating outage occurrences and durations.

Since not every problem can be prevented, modernized technology empowers you to create work orders directly from a customer portal, chat bot, email, or CRM and seamlessly track against SLAs, entitlements, revenue, and invoicing. Then, resources can be automatically scheduled based on skills, location, parts, and workloads to meet SLAs, minimize drive times, and optimize scheduling for your dispatch team.
When a field technician is dispatched to resolve a customer issue or asset, the D365 Field Service app allows for a mobile and connected view of the work order, equipment required, and relevant customer information – increasing your first-time fix rates and providing a consistent and personalized customer experience.

Utilities organizations can take it a step further by leveraging Microsoft Remote Assist in tandem with Microsoft HoloLens to empower technicians to collaborate and access information, without the costs of additional travel time or multiple on-site resources.

Of course, your COO and CTO need access to data and information to make strategic decisions. With Dynamics 365, they’ll have a holistic view into all lines of the business, including real-time data and insights into efficiencies and profitability.

Your D365 Field Solution is neither as complete nor robust as it could be without bringing in the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform. Alone or integrated, this intuitive set of tools is used by Utilities that are surging ahead with Application modernization. It connects data, automates processes, improves insights, and empowers employees to do more at a secure and scalable level.

Power Platform has allowed Utilities to optimize by pulling stagnant data from their legacy systems and using low-code apps to fill gaps in business processes with automated solutions. As you empower your employees to use Power Platform, know that a successful digital strategy includes an adoption and governance program, as well as an internal Center of Excellence – and HCL-PowerObjects can help!

We have extensive experience working with Utility organizations globally to drive better business outcomes through technology. With a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service solution and the help of HCL-PowerObjects, your business will immediately begin to:

• Increase service revenue and customer satisfaction by improving first-time fix rates and preventive maintenance.
• Streamline asset management and work order processing.
• Increase employee productivity by empowering them to innovate with low-code apps.

It’s time to digitize and modernize your operations, and we can help ensure a smooth and successful transformation journey. Call us to get started.

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