Looking for PowerObjects? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! We’ve been part of HCL for several years, and we’ve now taken the final step in our acquisition journey: moving our website to the HCL domain. Nothing else is changing – we are still fanatically focused on Microsoft Business Applications!

New Customer Care Tools for Dynamics 365 Users


New Customer Care Tools for Dynamics 365 Users

PowerObjects has one of the strongest global customer care practices in the Microsoft Channel, winning back-to-back awards in Customer Service. In the last year, several new modules have been introduced in the Microsoft Business Applications Stack and our practice has been committed to mastering what each can bring to your organization. Watch this video to learn how the Omni Channel, Power Virtual Agents, Customer Service Insights, and Customer Insights can make an impact on how you do business.

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PowerObjects has one of the strongest global Customer Care practices in the Microsoft channel, with a long history of large-scale customer service implementations. By implementing and supporting technology solutions from the Microsoft stack, we directly and consistently help clients reduce costs, increase revenue, and mitigate risk.
In the last year, several new modules have been introduced in the Microsoft Business Applications stack, and our practice has been committed to mastering what each can bring to an organization. Let’s explore each of them.

With the exciting introduction of Omnichannel for Customer Service, we add multi-session capability to a browser. That’s right – all your sessions in ONE browser! And it connects seamlessly with a variety of channels for your digital messaging – including social media. When you create a true omnichannel experience for your customers – allowing them to talk to your business how they want, but through a single interface from your agent’s perspective – you will positively impact your KPIs.

If you are a manager or executive and you’re looking for insight into your operations, Customer Service Insights is for you. This robust reporting platform for customer service information sits inside Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, or CRM. It leverages AI and machine learning models, as well as a set of prebuilt Power BI dashboards, to look at the case data inside your CRM and deliver analytics in four main buckets: a KPI Summary, New Cases, C-sat, and Case Resolutions.

Now, if you think of Customer Service Insights as the planet Earth, Customer Insights – or CI – is the entire solar system. CI steps outside of D365 and pulls data from all your systems, even those that are disparate and not integrated. Here’s why that’s so important: you have a variety of different systems that contain various sets of information about your customer, including what they’re doing on your website and how they’re interacting with you:

• Without CI, an agent might see only the call history from a customer’s prior service interaction six months ago.

• With CI, the same agent can see that after the resolution of the customer’s problem from six months ago, the customer began searching your site’s knowledge base, accessed a couple of white papers, and in the last three days has been doing activities X, Y, and Z across your various systems, all leading to today’s call.

And finally, let’s explore Power Virtual Agents, the low-code solution that leverages the connections available in Power Platform, including Dynamics, SharePoint, and Teams. Think of Power Virtual Agents this way: anytime you are engaging with a non-human – or a bot – in a real-time scenario, you’re working with a virtual agent. Power Virtual Agents has tremendous impact on KPIs like Case Deflection, Capacity, and C-sat because now your agents are spending less time on the simple calls that bots can handle – and more time on the high-value interactions that lead to upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

To ensure your customer service organization is tapping into the right collection of modules, apps, and workloads from the Microsoft technology stack, you need a trusted and experienced partner. You need PowerObjects, the 2020 Microsoft Proactive Customer Service Partner of the Year. We know the industry, and the unique challenges. And we’ve solved them. Let’s get started – together.

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