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What are the DIT and CIT programs?

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What are the DIT and CIT programs?

The Consultant- and Developer-in-Training programs (CIT/DIT) allow PowerObjects to hire people who fit our guiding principles but don’t currently possess the specific skills we need. We believe people with fundamental skills who enjoy living the technology can easily learn Dynamics 365. Watch the video to learn how we grow our own talent pool.

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Katie Z.: The Developer and Consultant In Training program is the PowerObjects approach of how we home grow consultants. We take people with relevant business experience and give them a grounding in Dynamics 365.

Mandy: The Consultant In Training program is more for individuals that are passionate about project management and business analytics and our Developer In Training program is for individuals that are more interested in development and technical tracks within PowerObjects.

Katie Z.: Our ultimate goal is to help them solve client problems with Dynamics 365.

Fuad: My background is in HR Marketing within healthcare but what PowerObjects really did is help me dig deeper into my skills and find my true passion for technology.

Derrick: I didn't have a technical background. I just knew that I had a desire to solve problems, to leverage the strengths I did have and leverage a training program to kind of bring those things together.

Jennifer: I have a developer background but what I liked about the program was that all of developers had a range of experience and backgrounds.

Katie Z.: All of our programs will start with a Dynamics 365 bootcamp where they'll get a deep dive into the product. They'll learn how to configure and extend the technology. From there, we actually use all project based scenarios so they get hands on experience servicing client needs.

Derrick: Not knowing something shouldn't prevent you from applying. There's going to be a great team behind you that you can leverage and lean on when you need to.

Katie Z.: The last portion of the program, they'll actually be transitioned into a buddy mentorship program where they'll actually shadow some of our top consulting resources on active projects and we also provide them a wealth of materials through our education pillar where they can continue their skill-based development as well as we will support their journey on getting Microsoft certified.

Fuad: My first day at a client site, I was extremely nervous but PowerObjects was able to pair me up with an experienced consultant, a mentor, a coach and a coworker who were able to kind of ease me out into the project. The project was excellent. We were able to achieve our goal and I played a major role in the project.

Jennifer: The training program gave me a solid foundation on what Dynamics 365 can do out of the box and I'm able to write plug ins and customizations.

Fuad: My favorite part about working with the technology is it's constantly changing. Different clients, different temperaments, that's exciting.

Derrick: I was able to learn a lot in a short period of time. Coming to my first meeting on client site and know that I was the expert in the room, almost five years later, I can confidently walk into any room and know that the training that I've had has set me up for success over the last several years.

Katie Z.: We aren't focusing solely on coding or configuration skills. We are focused on client problem solving techniques and best practices to better prepare for the realities of consulting.

Mandy: This is not just a training program. This is an opportunity for you to join PowerObjects as a full time employee from day one and have the opportunity to learn all about Dynamics 365 and become a consultant on our solution delivery team.

Fuad: This is a program that will enrich your mind, surround yourself with great individuals and coworkers.
Jennifer: Anyone interested in the DIT program should do it because it's awesome.

Derrick: For me, I can't think of a better place than PowerObjects to take my career to the next level.

Mandy: We do these programs all over the globe. So if you're interested, apply on our careers page or to keep up to date with future programs, you can go to LinkedIn and click Follow.

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