Take a minute to assess your application landscape. It doesn't matter if you're a CIO looking across the entire business or a leader looking at the tools your team uses. You will likely see a mix of outdated applications, Excel "apps," Access databases, SharePoint lists, and much more. Sure, many of these should be consolidated into your core business applications, but what about the rest?

  • How do you give your team a better user experience?
  • How do you save them the confusion and headache of jumping between multiple apps?
  • How do you put smarter tools in their hands (or in their head), where they are, when they need them?
  • How can App Rationalization save your business revenue and hours of manual tasks?

Join us as we chat with Microsoft to explore the top 3 reasons for making Power Platform the centerpiece of your rationalization initiatives, big or small, and hear real stories about how customers are turning this dream into a reality.