Project pain to project gain!

Organisations involved with projects – in anything from construction to business consultancy – share a set of challenges that nearly always includes ensuring proper visibility and transparency throughout the project lifecycle. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations eliminates such challenges by providing a management structure for the various aspects of a project and serving up real-time insights that empower leaders to control rather than react.

Join us on 18th November at 10am GMT for a webinar exploring Dynamics 365 Project Operations, including:

  • Estimating - Accurate quoting at pace using the latest project plans
  • Resourcing – Harmonise Resource Management and Project Delivery
  • Forecasting – Get a firm grasp of your predicted project cashflow
  • Executing – Use familiar, integrated Project Management tools to drive the project forward
  • Reporting – Analyse Contract Performance monitoring with in-tune financials

You will learn how Dynamics 365 Project Operations integrates Sales, Project Service Automation, and Project Management Accounting with user-friendly mobile interfaces, automated alerts, forecasting – including use of AI for trend prediction – and analysis. Together, these tools make it easier to track profitability, retain staff and delight clients.