Remaining connected through strong citizen engagement is especially critical during a global pandemic. Indeed, Covid-19 taught us all to explore new ways of working, including bringing in information from disparate systems to form a 360-degree view of the customer for councils and properties.

Join HCL-PowerObjects for a webinar in which we’ll explore the Microsoft Power Platform from the perspective of local councils in Australia. Our industry experts will discuss how Microsoft technology can fill the gaps created by disparate technology systems that can’t communicate with one another effectively. We will explore Power Apps and examine the role low-code, no-code solutions play in integrating these technologies.

Specific topics will include: 

  • Relationship between Power Apps and the Rates Calculator
  • Canvas Apps in the context of Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Creating a single pane of glass between Customer and Council
  • Importance of a central customer record

Microsoft Power Apps offer the potential for local councils to implement solutions right away and at a lower price than you imagine, all the while fully supported by HCL-PowerObjects.