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Specialists On Call

Leading telemedicine company replaces CRM streamlining service delivery, improving productivity and overall patient care.

Demand for Specialists On Call services was continuing to grow and needed a scalable CRM solution.
SOC decided to move off of Saleforce.com and chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM online.
Key Benefits
Microsoft Dynamics CRM has given SOC a true platform for scalability and growth.


As one of the country’s leading neurology practices and largest providers of emergency telemedicine (virtualized medicine), SOC partners with hospitals to provide on-call services to patients who need care across the country. As the demand for SOC’s services was continuing to grow, they needed a scalable CRM solution that would help streamline overall service delivery to patients and hospitals, increase productivity of its staff and physicians, as well as support its sales and marketing teams. Prior to implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, SOC was performing consultations on paper templates and manually faxing them to client hospitals. While this provided a consistent approach, it did not allow for database capture, data mining, collaboration, centralized control and ultimately, scalability. In addition, they needed a CRM that offered greater scalability and was more user-friendly than their previous CRM solution, Salesforce.com.

Overall, SOC needed a CRM solution that would provide:

  • A single data source and cost-effective platform to support growth
  • An integrated and user-friendly solution for all staff
  • Clinical consistency and the ability to streamline and support various work processes
  • Improved sales and marketing capabilities
  • Enhanced customer and patient service capabilities by leveraging intelligent real-time data
  • Remote access from anywhere, anytime due to a decentralized staff


SOC initially looked at both EMR (Electronic Medical Records) platforms as well as CRM applications.

Relying heavily on workflows for service delivery, SOC started evaluating CRM solutions that offered strong customization capabilities.

After reviewing several CRM applications, SOC decided to move off of Saleforce.com and chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM online for many reasons including the ability to easily customize workflows and data elements without coding; the ability to code inside the environment for a more customizable user experience; strong scalability of the system as well as the familiar look and feel to other Microsoft applications.

Key Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has given SOC a true platform for scalability and growth. From a service delivery perspective, it has allowed them to automate their patient consultation process, increasing physician productivity as well as streamline patient care. “Before CRM, we had a very manual process for patient consultations that involved taking written notes and faxing to them to the hospital. With CRM, we’ve eliminated those steps and have automated the entire patient consultation process, increasing physician productivity and responsiveness as well as overall patient care,” he added. “Since we’ve implemented CRM, we’ve been able to triple the number of patients that we’ve been able to care for.”

SOC now has multiple specialties built out in CRM. “The common platform has allowed not only for our individual specialty practices to collaborate, but has allowed for “cross specialty” collaboration which not only improves internal relations, but more importantly provides a better experience with our hospitals having multiple specialty coverage from SOC and ultimately better patient care,” he said.

As the company continues to expand into new markets, the new CRM solution has allowed the sales, marketing and service delivery teams to access a centralized database of information. “With the help of PowerObjects, we now have an integrated solution that our clinical, sales, service and operational teams can access to retrieve and share information quickly and easily,” he added. From a sales perspective the company now has the ability to view contact data in real-time, track sales from start to finish, and get the reports they need to better understand sales trends. “With the workflows in place, it’s made us much more effective in our sales and marketing efforts and has allowed us to view the information we need through intuitive dashboards allowing us to quickly analyze account status and make adjustments as needed. It’s been huge time-saver for us.” Before CRM, the marketing team wasn’t able to efficiently execute targeted mailing and emailing campaigns. “Now we can quickly build marketing lists, execute multi-touch campaigns and track the results in real-time.”

Overall, with Microsoft Dynamic CRM’s flexible architecture, ease of use and PowerObject’s ability to bring it all together, has allowed SOC to streamline operations and build a strong foundation for continued growth. “Working with PowerObjects has been a lifesaver. Their level of professionalism, CRM expertise and ability to meet our tight deadlines has far exceeded our expectations,” he added.

Quickly, we found that strict EMR platforms were limiting for our business model. While EMRs were perfect for specific clinical delivery, being a non-traditional specialty practice, it introduced challenges that could not easily resolve.

Chris Treptow, Senior Systems Manager at SOC