Looking for PowerObjects? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! We’ve been part of HCL for several years, and we’ve now taken the final step in our acquisition journey: moving our website to the HCL domain. Nothing else is changing – we are still fanatically focused on Microsoft Business Applications!

The platform for transforming sales within your organization

Artificial Intelligence

Sell smarter with a platform that guides you through the sales cycle with built-in intelligence capabilities.

Engage Better

Strengthen business relationships by leveraging tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to create authentic brand engagement.

Increase Productivity

A boost in productivity is a boost in revenue. Bring your existing business processes into a system connected to Office 365 and LinkedIn data for a succinct sales cycle.

Sales Acceleration

Do more with your data by utilizing analytics dashboards that give visibility into forecasting for the future and setting team goals.

Innovate and Adapt

Dynamics 365 Sales allows your organization to build custom solutions that unique address your business needs while embracing the technologies of the future.

Case Studies: Leveraging Dynamics 365 Sales

See what these companies did to leverage the power of Dynamics 365 Sales within their organizations.
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mc wane

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Arbor Memorial

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Case Studies: Leveraging Dynamics 365 for Sales

See what these companies did to leverage the power of Dynamics 365 for Sales within their organizations.
  • Watch the video case study

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield 
    of Kansas City

  • Read the full case study

    Arbor Memorial

  • See the complete solution


PowerPack Add-ons for Sales Force Automation

If you’re looking for Dynamics 365 add-ons for sales force automation, you’ve come to the right spot! PowerPacks are tools designed to help enhance the CRM capabilities of Dynamics 365, while providing even greater functionality and efficiency. The add-ons below will help save you time and clicks.

Insert random numbers, or letters, dates or times in any field of any entity.


Quickly deploy bulk delete rules for predefined out of the box D365 entities from a single page.


View team tasks, appointments, & phone calls all on one calendar inside of Dynamics CRM.


Charge your customers’ credit cards without having to store sensitive information locally.


PowerCTI will open up a caller's CRM record for you when they call.


Search any entity and any field instantly in a convenient, configurable reading pane.


Enables users to consolidate their editing process.


Create and assign keywords to categorize CRM records in Dynamics 365.


Track the last activity type, date and time directly on an entity form in CRM for Dynamics 365.


Lets users choose an entity, view, and plots all records on one map.


Merge duplicate CRM records with the click of a button within Microsoft Dynamics 365


View everything related to your record in one window.


Providing the ability to drag, drop, and upload images onto any record.


View, create records for accounts,contacts, opportunity & get directions in your Mobile App For D365.