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PowerPack Add-ons from PowerObjects

PowerPack Add-ons from PowerObjects

PowerObjects offers a suite of add-ons built to support Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. Referred to as PowerPack, each of the more than 25 add-ons in the suite was designed to automate marketing tasks or increase productivity and efficiency within CRM. In this video, you’ll hear directly from PowerObjects customers who are actively using PowerPack add-ons to expand the capabilities of their Dynamics 365 implementations.

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PowerObjects has experience working with organizations of all sizes, in various industries. Developed based on the needs and feedback from our customers, our PowerPack Add-Ons streamline and automate business processes, to empower organizations to leverage the core functionality of their Dynamics 365 environment. Whether you are looking to automate you marketing processes, or increase productivity in your CRM, PowerPack Add-Ons by PowerObjects can help any organization get the most out of their Dynamics 365 investment.

Ken Kelly: PowerPacks were the way we heard about PowerObjects. They're fantastic. The little extra bit of leverage that you're able to put into Dynamics 365 allows us to extend it and make it so much easier to use.

Ben Popp: They were going to allow us to have a solution that we knew was going to provide everything we needed.

Kristy Maki: It's important for Birkie to use PowerMailChimp because it streamlines how we communicate with our participants and contacts in our CRM.

Todd Crenshaw: Red Door Company is using PowerMailChimp to market to key referral sources. PowerMailChimp gives us the ability to let them know in a very targeted, efficient way what we do, how we do it, and how we can benefit them.

Nancy Knutson: So, if it wasn't for PowerMailChimp, I wouldn't have the flexibility and the ability to reach all of those folks with really specific and targeted messages at just the right time.

Todd Crenshaw: PowerSurveyPlus gives us an opportunity to seek feedback from our tenant. When a tenant completes a survey, that data automatically goes into our CRM system and it really gives us an opportunity to improve future tenants' experiences.

Kristy Maki: PowerSurveyPlus has been a useful tool for the Birkie as we do more things online. We've used it for online voting for our membership foundation. So, it's been a really good way to get more information from participants and foundation members.

Joe Kelly: My employees love PowerGlobalSearch because it's so easy to look up records. All they need is a name of the customer and address, and within seconds they're able to put it in PowerGlobalSearch and have the record, even the contact or account or even to look up past jobs that we've done.

Colleen Dressen: If I didn't have PowerGlobalSearch I'd be using a number of different spreadsheets or programs and having to be going back and forth. And it'd be a lot more time consuming than what we do it. It really does save my time in my job.

Kristy Maki: We think PowerWebForm is going to be a very important tool. So, people are able to update addresses, email addresses, whatever information they have that is changing that can be automatically updated by them into our CRM.

Joe Kelly: One of the benefits of using PowerGrid is it allows us to change records without actually going into the records. It makes it so much easier where you can just adjust right from the view and not actually go into each record individually.

Kristy Maki: These PowerPacks make it very easy for us to integrate with different software platforms and be very efficient in how we're using them. We don't have to make the extra customizations just for our CRM, so we're not doing work in two different places. We only have to do the work in one spot.

Greg DeWitt: PowerObjects and their PowerPacks that they have developed met our needs and they were able to provide a complete solution for us.

If you're looking to increase productivity within CRM and streamline many marketing related procedures, check out the PowerPack ad-ons. All of our PowerPacks have a free 30-day trial, giving you the opportunity to test them out. Visit us online or contact the PowerPack team to learn more. We'd love to hear from you.

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