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Power Apps Streamlines Business Processes at Kelly Roofing

Power Apps Streamlines Business Processes at Kelly Roofing

The ongoing partnership between Kelly Roofing and PowerObjects routinely leads to seamless implementations of innovative customizations designed to eliminate inefficiencies. When they discovered, for example, that the process of uploading photos taken on a job site and inserting them into the appropriate client record in Dynamics 365 was a significant bottleneck, Kelly Roofing and PowerObjects collaborated to build an app that would simplify the process. The solution ultimately streamlined their entire business. The bottleneck is gone, of course, but they also gained efficiencies across all aspects of their internal processes.

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Video Transcript

Ken:  When people think about roofing or a roofer, they don't necessarily think about technology. But technology, specifically Dynamics 365 has really allowed us to grow and outpace our competition. What we learned in the roofing business is, we need the ability to scale very quickly and our old software system just didn't allow for that. So we knew that we needed another platform that we can customize and scale through automation as we needed. Everyone in the organization uses Dynamics 365. It is the backbone of Kelly Roofing. One of the biggest issues that we were having was how to get the photos from the field into our system. That's where Power Apps came in.
Joe: We would go out and we would take pictures of the job. And they never just ended up right in the folder like they were supposed to.
Frank: When they go send me the picture, I had to spend some extra time in my home, 5 to 10 o'clock to look in for pictures.
Ken: This is our PowerApp. Originally it started as a way to take photos from the field and put them into the document library attached to the job record in Dynamics 365. But after a few innovative ideas from the PowerObjects team, it turned into something so much more. First thing it does is it provides a list of all of the jobs that that crew is supposed to have on their schedule for that time frame.
Charles: When I'm ready for work in the morning, all I have to do is open my app. It's got all the information I need for all my jobs for the day. It's got the phone number, it's got directions, it tells me what's been done and what also needs to be done.
Ken: From a cost saving standpoint, we actually received a 25.8% reduction in trip time. The next thing that it does is it allows the crews and the supervisors to do a daily job site report for the customer. Each job has five questions that they answer daily. Now, instead of entering all of that directly into Dynamics 365, they just do it in the PowerApp, and because the PowerApp has simple toggles; yes no, for instance, it makes it so much faster.
Charles: It allows me to upload to Dynamics to let the customer know if we've visited the job, if I was able to get my crew to working or if I have any other updates as well. I'm able to send in real time when I'm there, what we're able to do and what got done throughout the day.
Ken: A 36% drop in callbacks, and why? Because we were sending the right crew with the right qualifications to the right job. The best feature is the ability to upload any documentation that we need. By one click, our crew in the field, the people who need the information the most have access to it instantly anywhere.
Joe: Our customers love this app because it helps keep them in loop. Through automated emails and workflows, we're able to communicate with the customer with just a click of the button.
Ken: Now that we've built one, we want to build so many more. With our relationship with PowerObjects, they made it really easy. I just gave them the idea, we talked through it. Next thing you know, we're using it. We wanted it in Dynamics 365. So why go with somebody else? What's important for me is having a relationship to the point where we can't tell where Kelly Roofing stops and PowerObjects begins.