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PowerBanking is the Dynamics 365 Accelerator for Banks


PowerBanking is the Dynamics 365 Accelerator for Banks

PowerObjects’ Dynamics 365 Accelerator for the Banking industry leverages Microsoft Business Applications, our own PowerPack add-ons, and our proprietary data model to empower organizations to deliver consistently superior customer experiences. In this video, you’ll see the accelerator in action.

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Customer demand for digital experiences in lieu of face-to-face interactions has transformed how banks are doing business today and into the future. As the industry evolved, consumer behavior has shifted in lockstep. Today, banking customers demand real-time interaction, as well as personalized, intuitive, hassle-free interactions and experiences. And consistent delivery of excellent client service has become the new baseline expectation – anything less will drive a customer directly to the competition. In addition, new regulatory compliance has forced retail and commercial banks alike to rethink operating models and strategy.

PowerObjects currently partners with many of the largest retail and commercial banks globally, empowering them to deliver omnichannel customer service, business process automation, and intelligent customer insights. All while enabling banks to adhere to stringent data protection and governance policies. And we can do it for your bank, as well!
Why are we so successful helping banks transform digitally? The answer is PowerBanking – our Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Accelerator for the Banking industry. To empower organizations to consistently deliver the high-performance customer service necessary to succeed, PowerBanking leverages the capabilities of the Microsoft Business Applications suite, our own PowerPack add-ons, and the accelerator’s true engine – our extensible data model. This model provides your service teams a full 360-degree view of the customer, as well as faster and cleaner integration with back-end systems for core banking processes, product management, client onboarding, account openings, fraud protection, complaints, and more.

PowerBanking gives your organization a guided, intelligent way to provide service and support while leveraging your existing systems. Implementing PowerBanking will:

• Help your agents solve cases faster and avoid escalation by providing them with the right resources and data at exactly the point of need using our unique process-driven User Interface.
• Free up your agents to work on high-value interactions by automating resolution and case deflection using intelligent service and support bots that are always available and built on the deepest AI framework in the market.
• Empower your agents to turn service interactions into up- and cross-sell opportunities by providing them with real-time recommendations and next best actions driven by state-of-the-art machine learning.
• Enable efficient onboarding of new customers with prebuilt entity structures based on personas like Retail and Commercial customers.
• Provide more personalized customer experiences by quickly building customer segmentations and journeys that result in stronger engagement and higher campaign ROI.
• Reduce time to value in delivering innovation within your bank by helping employees become more effective using Power Apps.

PowerBanking is truly a robust solution for banks looking to implement Dynamics 365. And it was built in combination with Microsoft’s own Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator, which has been modelled on the industry’s standard design. PowerBanking simply extends the solution to deliver a richer and even more enhanced user experience.
If this sounds interesting, PowerObjects offers a free fit/gap analysis and will demonstrate how PowerBanking can help meet your bank’s unique requirements. Recently recognized as Microsoft’s global Financial Services Partner of the Year, our industry experts are ready to help you unlock these benefits in your organization. Let PowerObjects and PowerBanking go to work for you.

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