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Create an Email Template in CRM 2011 - It's Quick and Easy

Post Author: Joe D365 |

Do you find yourself drafting the same email over and over again as you work to gather client data needed for your business processes? Do you go searching for a sent email to copy and paste text from? I'ts easy to create an email template in CRM 2011 to use over and over again to save you time when completing your daily tasks.

In CRM, go to Settings/Templates/Email Templates

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

Click on New

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

Select the Template Type. This will determine what entity the email applies to:

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

Add the nuts and bolts of your email:

Title = Name of the Template

Description = Description of what template is used for

Subject = Actual subject line of the email created

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

In the body of the email, you can add merge fields to pull data directly from CRM:

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

To add a merge field:

Click on Insert/Update

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

Select the data field values by clicking on ADD and choosing your fields

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

Select the Record type that the field is related to and then the field:

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

You can add Default Text to be filled if there is no data to be merged:

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

Once the template has been saved, you can also add attachments to be sent with the email by clicking on New E-Mail Attachment and selecting your attachment.

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

Save and close the template and you are ready to go!

You can now use the template and send an email directly from a record in CRM.

Open the record, choose Add/Email then in the email choose Include/Insert Template and select the template:

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

The merge fields will be auto-filled and you are ready to send the email without having the recreate the wheel each time.

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011

Happy CRM'ing

By Joe D365
Joe D365 is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 superhero who runs on pure Dynamics adrenaline. As the face of PowerObjects, Joe D365’s mission is to reveal innovative ways to use Dynamics 365 and bring the application to more businesses and organizations around the world.

14 comments on “Create an Email Template in CRM 2011 - It's Quick and Easy”

    1. Create a global email template. Unfortunately you won't be able to merge fields in a global template. The work around is to create a workflow which creates an email and manually places the fields in the email.....thus bypassing the use of a template if merging fields is needed 🙂

  1. Creating email templates for a custom entity in CRM 2011 is not currently a feature.  A workaround would be to create a Mail Merge.

  2. If i choose global when Im creating the template, only the user entity are available when i want to insert/update with fields from the form. In other words, i want to to access the template from Account, but have fields from opportunity in the template.

    1. Hi Tom - Correct. Unfortunately temples are not capable of this. But you create a new email from a workflow and from the workflow pull fields from other related entities.

    1. Hi Vladimir,
      WIth email templates you can not localize them. HOwever, you can create them in different languages such as welcomeTemplate-English, WelcomeTemplate-Russian. Then via a workflow determine which template to send based on some field in crm such as account owner or business unit. This is a bit more work, but works well.

  3. Hi Joe,
    I was looking at how i could possibly setup a template email and then use a workflow to send an email upon a new user being added to the user entity. But, when i create a new process to do this. the TO field wont let me choose the user's primary email fiend .. well rather, its not available to choose from the drop down list, is there a work around or am I doing this wrong?
    Thank you for any assist !

  4. I was wondering what is Run workflow does on Email Template? Basically I want to populate Template by extracting some information using Customer workflow activity.

  5. How can i restrict the user to edit the Merge Field value which we add from new window Data Field Values. (i.e., the text with yellow background colour in the body of the mail)

    1. Hi, Bet,
      I faced the same issue with data field changes in CRM 2011 email template. Did You managed to get answer or learned solution?
      Thanks in advance!

  6. One user creates an email template and it saves as Individual instead of Organization. Neither does he have the option under Actions to "Make Template Available to Organization". He is authorized to the Organization level to create, read, write, append, append to, assign, and share email templates under Core Records of a security role.

    Any suggestions?

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