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CRM 4.0 and Windows Terminal Services - Tips and Tricks

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We often get asked if the Outlook CRM 4 client works OK with Terminal services. The official answer is yes. Our answer is yes, but there can be minor issues. Below are some of the tips and trips we have learned in running the Outlook CRM Client in a Terminal Services Environment.

  1. Install the Outlook CRM client and latest update rollup in terminal services.
  2. Don't enable auto patch for the end users as the terminal services administrator should be rolling out updates.
  3. Some potential issues are described here in KB950100
  4. To remove the 'configure' option from certain users (in case where not outlook users will be crm users) use these registry keys:
    HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftOfficeOutlookAddinscrmaddin.AddinLoadBehavior DWORD 2
    HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftOfficeExcelAddinscrmexceladdin.AddinLoadBehavior DWORD 2
  5. What memory consumption on the terminal services closely. If memory usage is very high, add this registry key stated in KB956527
  6. If terminal services is setup in a farm with multiple boxes, don't round-robbin the users logging in. Setting up affinity so users login to the same box.
  7. If the outlook crm client becomes slow or glitches happen, recreate the user's profile. This is the fastest way of getting a user back on.

Good luck with Terminal Services. Lets us know if you have any questions.


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One comment on “CRM 4.0 and Windows Terminal Services - Tips and Tricks”

  1. Hi. Can you run Outlook+CRM 4Add-in on Citrix without profile management/roaming profiles? And are there any consequences to doing so?

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