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Top 3 fascinating new features of Dynamics 365 Customer Service in the Microsoft 2023 Release Wave 1

Post Author: Rebekah Heslop |

Microsoft launched into the new year by announcing the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Release Wave 1 plan, and there are great additions coming our way to be excited about. In this post, we will describe three of the most interesting developments. 

  1. AI Suggested Replies
    Customer service representatives are often challenged to find the most accurate and appropriate response to customers. In most instances, they rely on documentation that outlines a framework of responses or they freestyle the response manually, resulting in increased response times, generalized responses and a more stilted customer journey. The customer’s expectation is to have fast, correct and personalized answers to their questions.

    To address this common challenge, the new AI Suggested Replies feature provides representatives with real-time assistance in the form of multiline suggested replies within an ongoing conversation in the chat control. This enables the delivery of faster responses that unlocks new levels of productivity and efficiency in a way that has not been seen before. Microsoft believes this level of AI has the ability to transform the quality of service that customers experience, as well as overall satisfaction.

    The AI suggestions are powered by language processing technology used in Nuance Agent Coach. The model works by learning from the entire conversation history with on-demand adaption so that suggestions are always up to date, accurate and of a high quality. Beginning April 2023, the preview of this feature will be available, and this is one that we will be anxiously anticipating. 

  2. Email Template Designer
    Previously, Dynamics 365 Marketing was the only workload that offered had a wide-ranging email editor. However, this has been extended to Dynamics 365 Customer Service with a new email template designer and can also be used in Dynamics 365 Sales Hub. This innovative design suite gives an enhanced experience to create customized email templates.

    While it may look similar to the email editor for Marketing and include elements of the drag-and-drop control, it has additional fresh features like: Image Alt Text for users using a screen reader and innovative layouts that adapt to any screen size. 

    Overall, it is an excellent feature that delivers an advanced digital designer to streamline sending repetitive emails by creating email templates that are consistent, pre-existing and professional. 

  3. Increased Teams Integration 
    Microsoft’s vision for Microsoft Teams integration to Dynamics 365 is to create a more collaborative agent experience. The integration is built upon the pillars of being able to enhance engagement, supercharge productivity and collaborate effortlessly. At HCLTech, we have already seen these benefits, and the capability it gives us to develop solutions that fit the client needs. However, with the announcement in the most recent Microsoft 2023 Release Wave 1, there are some exciting additions coming. 

    Starting April 2023, we can preview the new agent experience of viewing their Teams chats that are associated to a record as an activity on the timeline within the record form. This addresses the instances where it can be difficult for agents to trace previous discussions had on Teams with other agents. Now, they will be able to see those conversations noted on the timeline as a new activity even if they were not a part of that chat originally, and can even be added directly to that historical chat to see the entire chat history. 

At HCLTech, we are looking forward to these new advancements being released in the near future, and hope you enjoyed seeing a snapshot of what is to come!

By Joe D365
Joe D365 is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 superhero who runs on pure Dynamics adrenaline. As the face of PowerObjects, Joe D365’s mission is to reveal innovative ways to use Dynamics 365 and bring the application to more businesses and organizations around the world.

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