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What is “Yomi Name” in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

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When first configuring built-in entities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you'll notice a plethora of out-of-the-box fields. Many fields exist in order to reduce the need for creating of common fields. However if you look through the list of fields available you may come across some that are difficult to understand at first.

Yomi Name is an out-of-the-box field that has the same functionality of First and Last Name for a contact. However, it allows for the user to indicate the phonetic annunciation of the name as described in the description of the field:

"Type the phonetic spelling of the contact's first name, if the name is specified in Japanese, to make sure the name is pronounced correctly in phone calls with the contact."

Even though the example indicates that this is meant for names foreign to local dialect, this can still be greatly beneficial for Contacts with complex name or names pronounced differently than the spelling.


  • First Name: Stephan
  • Yomi First Name: Steven

What is “Yomi Name” in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

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By Joe D365
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4 comments on “What is “Yomi Name” in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?”

  1. While this is definitely a good way to use those fields, the origin is from Yomigana (AKA Furigana). and it was a way to put Japanese names that had arcane or ambiguous Kanji into phonetic Hiragana. So same intent, but with a rather specific implementation in mind. I wouldn't mind if MS updated the nomenclature to "Phonetic Name" to remove the original regional intent.

    Contextual reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furigana

    1. Because Google/Android calls this "Phonetic Name", I initially wasted time trying to make this field work for me. (There, if a "phonetic last name" is present, that is what will be used for sorting instead of the actual names, and over the "phonetic first name" – even if you sort your other contacts by first name.) It's designed for CJK use, so the field shouldn't have a name that misleads Westerners.

  2. Dear All,
    I would like to search for the Yominame field ('Account entity') in the Advanced Find. There is no this field. Is it possible to serach for the yominame inside Adavced Find? I was able to add this field to the Account quick find view as a Find column.
    Thanks for your advice!
    Br, Zsombor

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